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how to use a towel hat

The price of women’s towels in the market is different from the factory. The women’s towel is the product that comes with the most sales every year, which makes many manufacturers wonder. But how to use a towel hat …

how to use a towel hat

Production of women’s towel in Tabriz

Towel hats are made from the best types of towels. This type of hat is better for making non-plastic fabrics because it directly hits people’s hair so that they do not have electricity without causing headaches. A woman’s towel is a comet in a kind that is suitable for people who have high head hair.

how to use a towel hat

All kinds of women’s towels

In addition to a towel hat, there are two other models of head towels that include:

  • Screw hat
  • Indian hat
  • Towel scarf

Towel scarves are an amazing product of the Zarrin Sap collection, which is available in countless designs. This product is suitable for all people. Who has short hair and those who have high hair. you must know to how to use a towel hat.

how to use a towel hat

Women’s Towel Hat Price on the Market

The price of women’s towel hats because they are sold individually is a bit more expensive than the prices of products and factories because you buy this product indirectly and indirectly. Contact us to buy a variety of towels and other towels to give you the best.

how to use a towel hat

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